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Jocelyne R Shiromoto, LCSW

Jocelyne R. Shiromoto, LCSW

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is an innovative approach for couples to divorce by wanting and agreeing to be amicable, respectful, and by making mutual decisions that is in the spirit of what’s best for the whole family, especially those with children.    

Collaborative divorce is a new, no-court process which is an alternative to the traditional system where two attorneys represent husband and wife in court. When you enter the collaborative process, you agree to stay out of court and make your own decisions. The collaborative divorce team approach provides you with a team of uniquely trained professionals. The team can consist of non-adversarial lawyers, divorce coaches, a financial consultant and, if there are children, child specialists who will assist you in your negotiated divorce settlement.  The team will help you make well informed decisions as you go through the collaborative process and complete your divorce. 

My interest and passion in being involved with the collaborative divorce process stems from over 35 years’ experience in helping couples and families resolve unhealthy relationships; helping parents develop better parenting skills; helping children grieve their loss of their parents through divorce or death; and helping adults resolve their pain from their own family-of-origin traumatic divorce.  These experiences have profoundly moved me to understand the great need in our society to change the face of divorce from a hostile warlike process to a peaceful and dignified journey.

As a collaborative divorce coach, I am dedicated in helping individuals and/or couples to respectfully bring closure to their marriage and preserve the integrity of all family members through their disillusionment process. Children are our most precious investments to the future of a healthy society. With the high rate of divorce, we need an effort to bring peace to the divorce process.

Areas of Collaborative Practice:

  • Divorce Coach

  • Child/Adolescent Specialist
  • Mediation

Collaborative Practice Training:

  • Basic Interdisciplinary – 20
  • Mediation – 25 hrs
  • Intermediate Collaborative Law – 7 hrs (trainer, Stu Webb, JD – founder of Collaborative Law)
  • One Coach Training – 6 hrs
  • Collaborative Training – Woody Mosten – 12 hrs

Practice Group Membership:

  • Collaborative Divorce Solutions – Orange County, CA

Professional Organization:

Office Location in Orange County, CA

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